This performance took place on a small dock where the public was standing on a bridge so they were able to watch the piece from a higher perspective. The set-up is continuously in motion, resulting in constantly getting to see a new image. By being in presence of the objects with your own body and in these specific surroundings, you become a guide for your own work. I laid out scraps of fabric on the ground and placed vases in different colors and shapes on top of the fabrics. Then I started to fold and wrap them around the vases and placed them each time in a new spot. I wanted to focus on the action that takes place, the act of wrapping something that is fragile and static so that the object (in this case the vases) become something very soft and tactile. In this way these objects are undergoing a transformation that makes them pleasant to the touch by giving them a new layer, a new identity. In the voiceover you can hear me quoting synonyms for the act of wrapping in Flemish.

_Ceramics, glass vases, fabric scraps